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Translating Yahoo's announcement to wholesale Yahoo's search

With Senate and House antitrust hearings on Google-Yahoo next Tuesday, the timing of Yahoo's new BOSS initiative, Build your Own Search Service, is designed to try and show that Yahoo is still trying to compete with Google after Yahoo partnered with Google "to enhance its ability to compete in the converging search and display marketplace."

Check out the 45 word "headline" on Yahoo's press release on BOSS. There will be a short quiz afterward.

  • "Yahoo! Opens Up Search Technology Infrastructure for Innovative, New Search Experiences, Providing Third Parties with Unprecedented Access, Re-Ranking and Presentation Control of Web Search Results"
    • Yahoo!'s New Open Web Services Platform, Yahoo! Search BOSS, Extends its Open Strategy and Fuels Disruption in the Search Landscape."

The Quiz:

  • Was this press release headline re-written by an antitrust lawyer?
  • Is: "Yahoo Wholesaling Search" the real three-word headline?
  • Why should others want to wholesale Yahoo's search engine when Yahoo needs to wholesale Google's search engine in order to compete? 
  • Will Yahoo's BOSS be more successful at competing with Google, than Yahoo's much ballyhooed "Panama" effort to improve its search engine?
  • Can Yahoo's copycat, slow-follower offering of Google's several-year-old wholesale strategy overcome Google's current wholesale dominance and widening search lead?
  • What does Yahoo offer that is better than Google's wholesale search offering?  
  • Why should "third-party" websites, which are direct competitors to Yahoo for eyeballs, trust Yahoo to be their search engine to find their competing material? 

Food for thought...