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There's no "Title I 1/2"


May 5, 2010                                                                                           

Contact:  Scott Cleland




“There’s no Title I ½”



WASHINGTON – Scott Cleland, Chairman of, released the following statement regarding the Federal Communication Commission’s proposed “third way” for regulating the Internet.



  • “There is no ‘Title I ½’ in the law and there is no legal way for the FCC to create a “third way” out of thin air.   The FCC is not the Federal Communications Congress; under the U.S. Constitution, only Congress can make new law. This ‘third way’ would be beyond regulatory overreach; the FCC would be making up legal authority that simply does not exist.”


  • “This “third way” sounds like a fantastical “neutron nuclear option,” where like neutron bombs are designed to destroy only living things and not infrastructure, the FCC’s proposed net neutron regulatory bomb, miraculously would only destroy potential broadband discrimination while leaving everything else unscathed.”
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