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The Goolag Infopelago


Google's oft-stated goal to "change the world" and its famed mission to centralize all of the world's information to make it universally accessible, self-appoints Google to be the world's omni-information gatekeeper, distributor, librarian, publisher, editor, programmer, and broadcaster.

In building its Googleopoly, Google represented itself to everyone as unbiased and neutral in order to gain everyone's trust.

A core concern with Google's centralized information power and opaque black box system is that Google has the unaccountable power and constant opportunity to decide what information people around the world access, and also to decide what information Google does not want them to find.

Today in Politico's top story "Tech War: Google vs Microsoft" by Elizabeth Wasserman, I was quoted saying: "It's scary that the monopoly information access point of the world is going after voices of dissent."


  • What do I mean about going after dissenters?
    • Read Brian Deagon's Investors Business Daily 12-10 piece "When Analysts Look Over Their Shoulders," which chronicles how the Google Dissent Police bullies the press to not talk with, or quote, Google critics they don't like.


It should disturb anyone that believes in free speech, freedom of the press and a free market when an entity with search monopoly gatekeeper power over individual voices and the media, and a goal to "change the world,"consciously decides to side with WikileaksJulian Assange and make all of the secret, private and proprietary information that Julian Assange's Wikileaks has universally accessible and useful to the all the world's bad actors, and Google decides as a matter of policy to go out of their way to muzzle Google dissidents by intimidating multiple news organizations to not use certain sources unfavorable to Google Inc.

The Google Dissent Police has an established record of going after Google dissidents when they dare to challenge the Google-is-all-trustworthy PR narrative.



In sum, this is just an illustrative list of individual Google Dissidents to prove the pattern that the Google Dissent Police personally work over and trash individuals' reputations who have the temerity to speak freely and think thoughts which Google, the Online Big Brother, disagrees with.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago is a powerful metaphor/analogy to the "Goolag Infopelago" here as there are many forced labor camps, (or "islands of an archipelago" that Solzhenitsyn calls them,) where content owners' content is expropriated by the Googleopoly without permission and is forced to work for free without compensation while copyright, patent and trademark complaints await final adjudication in the courts.