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The "Cybrastructure" Stimulus

Let me offer a new organizing term -- "cybrastructure" -- to describe the myriad of digital investments being discussed in the pending economic stimulus package.

Its odd to me that with technological convergence, the Internet which interconnects all things digital, the evolution towards cloud computing and smart power grids, the digitizing of health records, and the promotion of universal broadband deployment and adoption, etc. -- that there is not a holistic term describing all the different but inter-related infrastructure investment involved that is being enhanced. 

  • What's missing from the discussion of all the separate infrastructure component parts is that the sum is greater than the parts.
  • That's because different types of digital infrastructure have beneficial network effects between and among them -- and those collective network effects create something new that deserves a new name -- "the new and improved national cybrastructure."

The term "cybrastructure" captures all the different kinds of digital-related infrastructure being discussed in the multi-hundred billion dollar economic stimulus package designed to jumpstart economic growth, create jobs and promote investment quickly and for the long term. 

Hopefully the stimulus will produce a more cohesive, powerful and effective national cybrastructure -- which enables growth and a host of new efficiencies, advances, innovations and benefits.