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See Great Barrons Editorial Against Net Neutrality

Please read Tom Donlan's great Barrons editorial against the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules entitled "A Rule Too Far."

Some highlights:

"Unfortunately, the agency is anticipating imaginary problems. Genachowski should ask three questions:

  • Is this favoring really happening? Answer, rarely. It's not an important issue now.
  • Would this be bad for consumers if it were happening? Answer, certainly not.
  • Should the FCC have the power to control private wired networks? Answer, absolutely not, the First Amendment's protection of press freedom ought to forbid it."

"...Their simple answer could be to charge the content providers for expedited service, and charge more to those who burden scarce bandwidth in the last mile.

  • If bandwidth is not scarce, higher charges will not stick. If it is scarce and expensive, new cables will be laid until prices come down."