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September 1, 2010

Contact: Scott Cleland


FCC Chairman Appropriately Endorses Case-by-Case Open Internet Approach


WASHINGTON – Scott Cleland, Chairman of, released the following statement regarding the FCC’s Further Inquiry into the Open Internet proceeding.


  • “It is very encouraging that the FCC Chairman’s further inquiry got the big picture right in stating: ‘…enforcing high-level rules of the road through case-by-case adjudication, informed by engineering expertise, is a better policy approach than promulgating detailed, prescriptive rules that may have consequences that are difficult to foresee.’
  • “That being said, it is perplexing why the FCC goes on to ask specific regulatory questions that appear designed to “promulgate detailed, prescriptive rules. The whole point behind a “high-level…case-by-case adjudication” approach is to promote innovation and investment by not trying to divine and proscribe every conceivable concern, in advance, for the innovation-laden areas of specialized and mobile services.”



The link to the FCC’s Further Inquiry proceeding is here. is a pro-competition e-forum representing broadband interests.  See