You are here Press Release on FCC wireless report which advances FCC de-competition policy


May 20, 2010                                                                                         

Contact:  Scott Cleland



Scott Cleland, Chairman, on FCC Wireless Report:

  • “FCC advances its new de-competition policy in its new wireless assessment”


WASHINGTON – Scott Cleland, Chairman of, released the following statement regarding the Federal Communication Commission’s new assessment that the U.S. wireless industry is no longer “effectively competitive.”



  • “The FCC’s political finding that the most competitive wireless market in the world is no longer “effectively competitive” is part of a broader FCC de-competition policy to discredit competition as the vehicle for best serving consumers in order to politically justify and promote more FCC regulation and control of the Internet.”
  • “The problems with the FCC’s new de-competition policy are many in that it depends on: gerrymandering the segmentation of markets to reach the desired pre-determined non-competitive conclusions; ignoring copious independent facts to the contrary; thwarting the law, official policy, and FCC precedents; and assuming legal authority the FCC simply does not have.”  
  • “The 1996 Telecom Act says it best: “promote competition and reduce regulation” and “preserve the competitive free market… Internet… unfettered by Federal or State regulation.”    

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