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NetCompetition Release: Alliance for Broadband Competition Really Seeks Broadband Regulation



May 14, 2012

Contact: Scott Cleland 703-217-2407

Alliance for Broadband Competition Really Seeks Broadband Regulation

Verizon-Cable spectrum transaction promotes competition & the public interest

WASHINGTON D.C. – In response to the new "Alliance for Broadband Competition" opposition to the Verizon-Cable spectrum transaction, the following quotes may be attributed to Scott Cleland, Chairman of

  • "This is a publicity stunt to distract from the facts. This transaction puts unused spectrum to use. It eliminates no competitor, competition or jobs. The competitor that valued the spectrum most bought it."
  • "Opponents' real beef is with competition law that employs market competition to determine winners and losers. Those who claim to believe in market competition are now whining for a do-over and FCC hand-outs when they lost in the market fair and square."
  • "The purported "Alliance for Broadband Competition" should be called the "Alliance for Broadband Regulation" given the heavy broadband regulation they seek now and have lobbied for over the last several years.
  • "Opponents are asking the FCC to ignore the law -- promoting competition and market-driven allocation of spectrum -- to somehow rule the Verizon-Cable spectrum transaction is not in the public interest."

Questions to ask the new alliance:

  1. Why would true "pro-competition" interests oppose unused spectrum being sold in the secondary market to the competitor that values it most?
  2. Why would those who claim to support market competition reject fair competitive outcomes and ask the FCC to overrule the market and dictate them FCC winners and Verizon-Cable FCC losers?
  3. What are the lasting "broadband competition" principles this new alliance believes in outside of this transaction?

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