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NCTA's A+ Initiative Puts Focus on Broadband Adoption

Kudos to the NCTA for putting the universal broadband focus where it should be -- on broadband adoption, and especially adoption where it can have immediate and maximum impact, i.e.  helping "middle-school-aged children in low-income households that do not currently receive broadband service" have the "opportunity to become digital citizens of the 21st century."  

The NCTA's innovative Adoption Plus initiative is an excellent example of voluntary public-private partnerships that can rapidly and effectively meet real public needs and forward the important goal of universal broadband for all Americans.  

The most effective use of scarce resources is to focus on broadband adoption in the 90+% of America that already has broadband facilities available and on greenfield broadband deployment to the single digit percentage of American households that are currently unserved.

Such a common sense cooperative strategy can produce the most good for the most people fastest.