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My video explanation of Google Glass' upcoming privacy problems given that 8,000 people soon will be testing them in public

Google is notifying 8,000 people that they can now buy and use a prototype of Google Glass as part of a real-world Google marketing experiment of this controversial new product.

To learn why I think Google Glass will encounter big privacy problems over time, see my video explanation here -- thanks to Mike Wendy of for the video.

Expect this first wave of Google Glass-arazzi and storm-snoopers to run into significant privacy problems to the extent they film/record people's private conversations/activities without their knowledge or permission.

What we don't know yet is if Google will:

  • Include any standard official consumer protection warnings/disclosures to try and prevent these Google Glass testers from getting harmed in any reasonably foreseeable way;
  • Require these intrepid Google Glass guinea pigs to sign legal release forms to indemnify Google from any liability for how they use them in the real world; or 
  • Ensure that Google's terms of service make it clear that anything a Google Glass user records and stores on Google's servers is the fault and responsibility of the user and not Google.  

For the sakes and safety of these 8,000 people, I hope Google is being more responsible in rolling out this new product/service than Google has been in the past. (See Google's Privacy Rap Sheet here.)