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My Press Release on FCC's Proposed Preemptive Regulation of the Internet


September 21, 2009

Contact:  Scott Cleland                                                                                                  

703-217-2407 Comments on Proposed FCC Preemptive Regulation of the Internet

FCC Risks Killing the Golden Goose of the Internet – Mutual Self-Interest and Cooperation

WASHINGTON – In response to the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski’s call today for preemptive regulation of the Internet, Chairman Scott Cleland offered three comments for attribution:

  • The FCC risks killing the proverbial Internet Goose that lays the golden eggs. The productive basis of the Internet is mutual self interest, unforced cooperation, and inclusive incentives; however, forcing special outcomes for the first time via regulatory fiat could do just the opposite – it could diverge mutual interests, discourage cooperation, and exclude networks from the Internet freedom to innovate and invest.”

  • “New unnecessary and divisive regulation of the Internet could needlessly balkanize an essential American engine of economic growth and job creation.”

  • “For the first time in fifteen years since the privatization of the Internet, formal FCC net neutrality regulation effectively could takeover the role of the Internet Engineering Task Force’s consensus-driven process ‘to make the Internet work better’-- by having one government unilaterally dictate what Internet protocols and architecture designs are permitted.” is a pro-competition e-forum representing broadband interests.  See