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Must read piece: "The Wireless Way Out" by Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler, of Core Capital partners, has a must read piece today: "The Wireless Way Out" on TMCNet. It highlights:

  • How U.S. wireless broadband competitors are heavily investing in infrastructure despite the recession; 
  • That U.S. private wireless infrastructure investments dwarf the public investment in broadband in the stimulus pakage; and
  • That wireless broadband produces huge productivity benefits for the economy.

The big takeaway from this piece is that the fastest growing part of the U.S. broadband market, wireless, is strong, competitive and investing heavily -- which is very different than the state of non-communications industries in this economy. 

For those who don't know Tom's impressive background... he most recently was one of the most senior advisors for Technology on President Obama's Transition Team, and he also is a past head of both the CTIA and the NCTA.