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I am on the CPAC Technology panel today at 2:30

I am on the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) panel on technology today at 2:30 today.

The title of the panel is: "Technology and Policy, Cutting edge Conservative Thought."

I plan to talk about my new white paper: "Neutralism: Identifying the Ideology behind Net Neutrality." From the paper:

  • "Simply, neutralism is the commons ideology behind the net neutrality movement. Neutralists believe that digital information and communications networks should be a public commons, not private property requiring permission or payment to use. Neutralists believe that:

    ·           Digital technology, if unshackled from ownership restrictions and payment requirements, is a powerful means for creating a more egalitarian society;

    ·           The end-to-end design of the Internet creates a digital commons that is open to decentralized innovation; and

    ·           The Internet should not be controlled by market players because it is necessary for democratic discourse."

I will be ably joined on the panel by:

  • Randall Skoglund, Americans for Technology Leadership
  • Tom Schatz, Citizens against Government Waste
  • Jon Henke, Next Right
  • George Ou, ITIF