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Google's neutralism movement regrouping again -- Internet for Everyone

It's taken the Google-led neutralism movement two years to learn, and get on board with, what the broadband industry has been saying all along -- that Americans want broadband deployed soonest, and they want competitive broadband choice.

  • That's the real problem that the broadband industry and market forces have been steadily and successfully resolving in the marketplace over the last several years. 

It seems the neutralism movement may have learned that focusing on their manufactured net neutrality problem, and fear-mongering on threats to free speech -- could only take them so far politically.

  • The newest incarnation of the neutralism brand is "" which was just launched yesterday by Google, FreePress, New America Foundation, Public Knowledge, Professor Lessig, the regular net neutrality suspects. 
    • (See the list and compare for yourself the overlap with and Google's Open Internet Coalition.
    • I was glad to see Google and eBay did not try and inflate their membership again like they did with ItsOurnet by listing the dozens of companies that Google and eBay own as members.)   
  • InternetForEveryone is certainly a branding improvement from their original and now defunct which I ridiculed on my blog as being presumptuous and selfish. At the time, I even suggested they rebrand their organization Its Everybody's Net --  sounds a lot like Internet for Everyone. 

Bottom line:

What will be most interesting to see is how the neutralism movement will try and "square this circle" of jointly promoting the polar opposite policies of universal broadband and net neutrality regulation -- at the same time. 

  • The effort will have to be worthy of a circus contortionist, because in the real world, nothing would slow broadband investment and deployment to all Americans more than preemptive net neutrality price regulation.