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Google's Cerf continues push for nationalization of Broadband -- Favors forced structural separation

Google's Sr. VP Vint Cerf, took his call for effectively nationalizing America's broadband infrastructure to a new level of freedom-crushing, Big Government expropriation by calling for the forced structural separation of competitive phone and cable companies into wholesale and retail arms, per the CBC News.

Where does one begin in addressing this self-serving, outrageous and clearly socialist proposal?

First, Mr. Cerf is calling for a policy that would treat the country with the most facilities based broadband competition in the world by far... as if it were a proven monopoly guilty of monopoly abuses!

  • This flies totally in the face of the obvious and plentiful facts in the marketplace, repeated rulings based on these facts from the FCC, and the property rights protections in the Consitution of the United States.

Second, Google's structural separation proposal of broadband, (remember Google pulled this outrage in the 700 MHz auction as well), is a full scale repudiation of the bipartisan purpose of 1996 Telecom Act, which was "to promote competition and reduce regulation... to encourage the rapid deployment of new...technologies."  

  • The Googleopoly does not believe in competition, it believes in Big Government regulation of potential competitors to Google, but of course none for The Google embodies "Internet Freedom." 

Third, Mr. Cerf and Google have the unmitigated gall to say they are for "Internet freedom" and in the same breath propose Chavez-like socialist expropriation of private property and extremely heavy-handed regulation of the Internet infrastructure that would destroy the Internet as we know it.

Bottom line: Google wants to "change the world" alright... they want the US Government to abandon its free market Internet policy, its bipartisan support of competition over monopoly regulation, and they want to redefine the concept of "freedom" to whatever the Google/ propogandists says it is at any given time.