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Google plays with matches and starts a regulation fire

Like the child that plays with matches is surprised when the fire he started threatens to burn his own house, Google CEO Eric Schmidt shared his gulity conscience with the Washington Post last week --  i.e. that the net neutrality regulation fire Google started and fanned, would be "terrible," if it burned Google and "led the government to involve itself as a regulator of the broader Internet."

  • Lobbying the Washington Post, after its editorial, "The FCC's Heavy hand," opposed net neutrality, Google's CEO Schmidt admitted to the Post that: "It is possible for the Government to screw the Internet up, big-time."
    • I wonder if anyone asked Mr. Schmidt if it is possible that the Government could screw broadband competition up, big-time?

Did it not occur to Google that bankrolling a flame-thrower-style net neutrality campaign urging preemptive, draconian regulation to prevent a potential problem, might not torch the decade of strong bipartisan consensus and calm in the Congress and at the FCC -- to not regulate or tax the Internet?

  • If Google really feared that "government regulation could screw the Internet up, big-time"... wouldn't Google stop screaming at the top of its lungs "Potential fire!" Potential fire! Potential fire! in a Washington theatre filled with legislators and regulators...