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Google busted by open source guru for not being open!

Dana Blankenhorn of ZDNet, one of the leading bloggers covering open source, blasted Google "for being no different than Microsoft" in not operating in a true open source manner despite Google's constant representations that they are 'open' and honor 'open' principles.

While I respect and read Mr. Blankenhorn's views regularly, I seldom agree with him.

  • In this instance, I must agree with him wholeheartedly as he is spotlighting an insight/theme I have long pounded on -- that Google is profoundly hypocritical, operates under massive double standards, and that its words do not match its deeds.

Bottom line:

Google you have another problem.

  • Your previously loyal base of open source advocates is abandoning you because they realize Google is not principled at all -- Google is really only out for Google.

The cure is obvious Google -- walk your talk: be truly open, be truly transparent, be 'neutral', and be forthright.

Google -- let your actions speak louder than your PR spin machine. Lead by example.