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Glass House Google Throws Stones

The company that has copied all the world's information on its servers without permission and has a mission to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful," ironically has decided to be publicly indignant about the alleged copying of its public search information.


  • It is the supreme irony that "glass-house Google" has accused Microsoft of copying Google's public search results.
    • In a blog post Google shared its purpose behind its stone-throwing accusation: " those who have asked what we want out of this, the answer is simple: we'd like for this practice to stop."

It pathetically ironic that Google can comprehend that it does not like to have its own claimed private or proprietary information copied and made accessible to the world for free, but Google cannot comprehend why anyone else would not like Google to copy their private or proprietary information without permission and make it available to the world for free.

Let's review all of the other entities who like Google would "like for this practice to stop" -- by Google.

Could Google now possibly better understand why:


  • Millions of authors would sue Google for copying 13+ million of their copyrighted books without their permission?
  • Thousands of creators of copyrighted videos would sue Google for copying their copyrighted work without their permission?
  • Many newswires, newspapers, and other creators of content have sued Google for copying their copyrighted content without their permission?
  • Most movie studios have objected to Google aiding and abetting movie piracy sites that traffic in their copyrighted movies without their permission?
  • Oracle and others are suing Google Android for copying and distributing Oracle's and others' patented software without their permission?
  • Rosetta Stone and others are suing Google for copying and selling their proprietary trademarks to competitors without their permission?
  • Skyhook Wireless is suing Google for copying and profiting from Skyhook's trade secrets and patents without their permission?


In sum, it is instances like this, where it is obvious that Goobris knows no bounds.

This complete lack of self awareness of Google's blatant double standards, is sadly a well-established Google pattern.


Glass house Google should be careful of throwing stones at others, because it only increases the spotlight's glare on the plethora of serial bad acts that Google has been accused of, and that are still pending final adjudication.