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FYI – New Online Research Library of Precursor’s Top Research Series

Please find the new Precursor online Research Library -- here -- which will be kept up-to-date going forward.

  • It presently catalogues links to ~270 pieces of Precursor research in ~20 ongoing research series.

This should make it much easier to scan and find particular research of interest by subject and theme.

  • An outline of subjects and themes are below.

Thank you.

Scott Cleland

Precursor LLCProven Thought Leadership


Precursor Research Library Outline

U.S. Communications Modernization for 21st Century

  • Obsolete Communications Law
  • Modernization Consensus
  • Spectrum Waste Fraud & Abuse

Broadband Competition vs. Net Neutrality

  • Broadband Internet Pricing Freedom
  • FCC Open Internet Order
  • Net Neutrality 
  • Title II Reclassification
  • Netflix
  • Verizon-Cable

Big Internet & Free Culture

  • The Code War
  • Uneconomics vs. Economics
  • Internet as Oz
  • Defending First Principles
  • Privacy Theft
  • Algorithmic Markets

Google Accountability Research

  • Googleopoly
  • Google’s Rap Sheet
  • Google Disrespect for Property
  • Google Disrespect for Privacy
  • Google Unaccountability

  • Security is Google’s Achilles Heel