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FTC-Google Antitrust Primer: Top Ten Q&A

Find an FTC-Google Antitrust Primer here that asks and answers the Top Ten Questions about:

  • Google's admission it has received a subpoena and is under formal investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for antitrust violations; and
  • What the FTC is likely investigating and thinking, given that the FTC cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.

This primer is based on a combination of new analysis and an update of the best of four years of Google antitrust research, which can be found at:

The Top Ten Q&A are:

  1. Why is the FTC Investigating Google?
  2. Why Isn’t Competition “One Click Away?” (graphic)
  3. Why Does Google Have a Search Advertising Monopoly? (graphic)
  4. How are Consumers and Innovation Harmed by Google?
  5. What Makes Google’s Monopoly Lasting? (graphic)
  6. How Does Google Search Discriminate Against Competitors? (graphic)
  7. How Have Google’s 98 Acquisitions Foreclosed Competition? (graphic)
  8. What is Google’s Monopolization Strategy?
  9. How Can One Explain the Google Antitrust Problem to a Non-Expert?
  10. Why is Google’s Denial of Conflicts a Deceptive Trade Practice?

FTC-Google Antitrust Primer: Top Ten Q&A