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FreePress to FCC: Ignore Congress/Courts, Use 1910 as Guide

Only FreePress would hold a press conference to release essentially a longer-version of its previously-debunked legal analysis calling for the FCC to regulate competitive broadband providers as Title II telephone public utilities.

The essence of the call, which made no news, was FreePress reiterated that the FCC should ignore:


  • The Appeals Court's decision that the FCC does not have direct authority to regulate the Internet;
  • Congress' constitutional authority and intent to address this issue; and
  • Basically everything that has happened in the last 100 years -- (because FreePress Chairman Wu says the answer to the FCC's policy conundrum can be found in the policy established in 1910 -- before the FCC, TV, computers or the Internet existed.)

For anyone that wants to examine in depth why FreePress' legal and policy analysis remains fatally-flawed and would cause an unmitigated disaster click: HERE...