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FCC Showcases Its Growing Obsolescence -- My Daily Caller Op-ed

Please see my latest Daily Caller op-ed: "The FCC Showcases its Growing Obsolescence" here. This piece is part 9 of my Obsolete Communications Law research series.


Obsolete Communications Law Op-ed Series:

Part 1: "Obsolete communications law stifles innovation, harms consumers"

Part 2: "The FCC's Public Interest Test Problem"

Part 3: "FCC Special Access: Communications Obsolete-ism vs. Modernism"

Part 4: "Obsolete Analysis Will Doom DOJ's Antitrust Probe of Cable"

Part 5: "Why U.S. Communications Law is Obsolete"

Part 6: "FCC's Slippery Slope to Regulating Content, Speech, and the Press"

Part 7: "FCC's Over-Reliance on Obsolete Law"

Part 8: "Google Fiber: Modern Technology, But Obsolete Policy Thinking"