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FCC Defines Broadband Service as "BIAS"-ed

In our acronym-driven society, the FCC in its News Release on its Open Internet Order, does fairness and broadband providers a great disservice in creating a new definition for broadband service as "Broadband Internet Access Service" -- or the acronym "BIAS."

Given that the FCC has not proven its allegation with facts or analysis that broadband providers operate in a non-neutral or discriminatory way after eight years of looking for it, it is particularly unfair, discriminatory, and prejudicial for the adjudicative FCC to literally define the service that it is alleging to be non-neutral as "BIAS."

With all the other potential permutations of words to define broadband service in a new way in order to impose net neutrality rules, it is an unfortunate and unlikely coincidental acronym.

Would it not raise the question that a judge was not impartial, if the judge created a term to classify a group of defendants that had the acronym "GUILTY?" or SCOFFLAW?

Does it not raise the question that the FCC is not an impartial arbiter of net neutrality disputes, if the FCC effectively re-classified broadband service as inherently "BIAS"-ed?

Does it not create the appearance that the FCC has made up its mind in pre-judging that a broadband provider's service offering is "BIAS"-ed and inherently guilty-until-proven-innocent of alleged violations of net neutrality and openness?