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FCC 706 Report: U.S. Broadband Cup is 5% Empty -- Press Release

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July, 20 2010

Contact:  Scott Cleland




FCC 706 Report: U.S. Broadband Cup is 5% Empty

FCC’s criticism misplaced; broadband industry has over not under achieved



WASHINGTON – Scott Cleland, Chairman of, released the following statement regarding the FCC’s unprecedented 706 Report conclusion that broadband deployment is not timely and reasonable.


  • “It is stupefying that the FCC could conclude that broadband service, which has reached 95% of all Americans faster and with more competitive choices than any deployed communications service before it, could somehow be judged as not timely or reasonable.”
  •  “What is unreasonable is for the FCC to ignore the obvious deployment facts before them, and to criticize industry for not deploying to the less than 5% of the nation where the FCC knows it to be uneconomic to serve competitively, and when the FCC knows that industry is, and has been, working very closely and constructively with the Federal Government on promoting universally accessible broadband and the National Broadband Plan.”
  •  “What is shake-one’s-head unreasonable is for the FCC to take a 706 broadband “incentives” provision of the Telecom Act and twist an FCC report to justify erecting unprecedented FCC broadband Title II regulations that would powerfully dis-incentivize broadband deployment more than any other FCC policy change the FCC has ever considered.” is a pro-competition e-forum representing broadband interests.