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De-competition De-competition De-competition – My Daily Caller Op-ed


Please read my Daily Caller op-ed: “De-competition De-competition De-competition” here.

  • De-competition is regulation that undermines competition in order to justify more regulation.

As one can see from the “de-competition” series below, this isn’t the first time the FCC has turned to de-competition policy.


FCC De-Competition Series

Part 1:Harms of a Potential New FCC De-Competition Policy – Reply Comments to FCC Open Internet NPRM [4-5-10]

Part 2:FCC & Google’s Extreme Internet Makeover – A Preview [6-14-10]

Part 3:Does FCC want broadband competition to succeed? [7-21-10]

Part 4:The De-competition Revolution [12-14-10]

Part 5: Why FCC’s Net Regs Need Administration/Congressional Regulatory Review [1-18-11]

Part 6:Will the FCC Lose the Future? [2-10-11]

Part 7:FCC is Losing the Wireless Future [3-15-11]

Part 8:Implications of Court Ruling Net Neutrality Appeal Premature [4-4-11]

Part 9:Denying Competitive Substitution is Weakest Link of FCC’s De-Competition Policy [5-31-11]