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"Cyber threats are accelerating" -- the Open Internet's dirtly little secret

"A 'Cyber Katrina' is inevitable" according to George Foresman, a former Undersecretary  for Preparedness at the Department of Homeland Security.

I strongly urge you to read an outstanding, sobering and succinct post by USA Today's Byron Acohido: "Cyber Katrina is upon us" which:

  • concludes "Cyber threats are accelerating;"
  • highlights 8 "proof points" from respected Internet security sources that highlight "a continual increase in malicious and criminal activity on the Internet."

Byron Acohido adds:

  • "Given these gloomy metrics, is there any reason to hope this cyber cyclone can be subdued? Vint Cerf, the man most often referred to as the father of the Internet, painted a dark scenario in this recent Guardian interview. When it comes to Internet security, “it’s every man for himself. . .in the end it seems every machine has to defend itself.”

Kudos to Byron Acohido and Jon Swartz for their tenacious and continuous focus on this under-reported, but critically important Internet issue -- and for their excellent book on the real and shocking gaps in everyday Internet security: Zero Day Threat.