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Google/eBay Operating Non-Neutral Broadband ISPs

Google and eBay are planning to operate non-neutral broadband ISPs, Google at 47 airports, and eBay on airplanes, that will discriminate against some content for the benefit of their preferred content -- per a story on

This puts the FCC in a pickle concerning its proposed open Internet regulations.

  • First, it shows the ease for Google and eBay to enter and compete in the broadband market; where's the supposed market failure?
  • Second, two of the biggest complainers seeking mandatory net neutrality regulations of broadband providers (including wireless for the first time) because of the potential for discrimination, are actually planning to engage in the very non-neutral broadband behavior that they want banned.

The open question is will the FCC be fair and technologically neutral in preserving the open Internet? 

  • Or will Google and eBay get special treatment and protection from the FCC?



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