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Best way to preserve an Open Internet is to preserve pro-competition policies -- press release on FCC NPRM Comments on FCC Open Internet NPRM

“The best way to preserve the open Internet is to preserve current pro-competition policy”

WASHINGTON – In response to the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed Open Internet NPRM today, Chairman Scott Cleland offered these comments for attribution:

·         The best way to preserve an Open Internet is to preserve the pro-competition policies that currently sustain an Open Internet, not fundamentally change the character of the Open Internet by replacing competition with new Government regulation as the engine of Internet openness.”     

·         “The fundamental unease surrounding this proposed rulemaking is whether new, expanded, and formal FCC regulations could fundamentally transform the long-privatized Open Internet into a de facto public information commons or morph private broadband companies into de facto public utilities.” is a pro-competition e-forum representing broadband interests.  See